Swedish Massage

This is the ultimate in relaxation.

Deep Tissue (Therapeutic) Massage

Designed to help the body correct itself naturally.


Restorative Massage

Customized massage specifically for your needs which can include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Cupping, Stretching, and Essential Oils

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Heated Stones

Therapeutic treatment using special stones to provide deep penetrating heat, along with massage.


Shea Butter Treatment Massage

A light exfoliation and massage designed to relax and moisturize the entire body.



A non-invasive series of 20 sessions over 7 weeks designed to reduce cellulite and wrinkles.



A 30 minute treatment recommended as a precursor to massage. It is a treatment in itself as the individual is gently massaged by hydrojets of water contained within a water-mattress. This treatment is done fully clothed and can be a perfect break from a stressful day and can be added to any treatment for $10.


Add to any treatment. Benefits include: pain relief, immune system improvement, system detoxification, weight control, cardiovascular fitness, stress reduction, and skin rejuvenation. Add to any treatment for $10.

Couples Massage

Offered exclusively with any of our featured massages.

Take Me Away Package

1/2 hour on the hydrotherapy bed, 1 hour relaxation massage,…