1 1/2 Hour Basic Pedicure Treatment

This treatment enhances a basic pedicure with paraffin dip on…


2 Hour Optimum Massage Package

This treatment maximizes the therapeutic benefit of a one hour…

$98.00 $94.00

3 1/2 Hour Spa Indulgence

Try our clients' favorite. Indulge yourself with 1/2 hour hydrotherapy,…


4 Hours of Bliss

This is one of our signature packages, it includes a…

$241.00 $229.00

Full Day Spa Treatment

This is the ultimate in luxury and will include hydrotherapy,…

Half Day Spa Treatment

Enjoy at least half your day with hydrotherapy, full hour…


Sore Back Package (2 pack)

1/2 hr hydro bed and 1/2 hr Deep Tissue Massage

$116.00 $98.00

Take Me Away Package

1/2 hour on the hydrotherapy bed, 1 hour relaxation massage,…


Tour the Spa Package

This is literally a tour of our spa. Hydrotherapy is…

$155.00 $143.00